Tournament Rules

By registering for the tournament, you confirm that you have read and agree to the general conditions of participation.

The tournament will be played according to the “IX. Rules of the Game for Indoor Handball of the International Handball Federation (IHF)”, dated 01 July 2022 with the following additions (dated 30.12.2023):

1. Playing time, placing in the group matches.

The match time is 2 x 15 minutes. After the final signal of the first half, there is no change of sides, only a change of throwing rights. The half-time break is 1 minute.

In the group matches, the following criteria are used to determine the ranking in the order given:

1) Points ratio

2) Direct comparison

3) Goal difference

4) Number of goals scored

If none of the above criteria result in a decision on the ranking, the teams concerned shall enter into a 7-metre throw-off in accordance with Rule 2:2 as soon as this is known.

If there is a draw in the deciding matches (with the exception of the final day) at the end of the regular playing time, a 7-metre throw-off according to rule 2:2 is carried out immediately.

On the final day, if the score is tied, extra time of 2 x 3 minutes will be played first; if the score is still tied at the end of extra time, a 7-metre throw-off will be taken in accordance with Law 2:2.

There is no team time-out; there is also no compulsory time-out in the event of a suspension.

2. Throw-off times

Matches must start at the times stated in the match schedule in the specified hall. Unauthorised postponements will result in the loss of the match for both teams. If a team does not show up on time for a game, the game will be counted as lost for them.

The tournament organisers will decide on a case-by-case basis whether to exclude a team from the tournament and forfeit the deposit.

3. Throw-off and match ball

The first-named team always has the throw-off in the first half. It positions itself on the left half of the pitch (as seen from the timekeeper/secretary’s table).

On the final day, in the event of extra time, the first-named team also has the throw-off in the first half.

The match ball is provided by the tournament organisers and must be handed in to the timekeeper/secretary after the match without being asked.

4. Teams

A team list of each team must be entered in ProCup before the start of the tournament. The age groups of the 2024/2025 season are valid. The passport number of the respective player must be entered. From the quarter-finals onwards, players’ passports must be presented to the tournament management on request. Players who are unable to present a valid passport may not play. The tournament organisers reserve the right to check passports at random. Due to various incidents in the past, this check may also take place during the group phase.

Each player may only play in one team in his/her age group.

Furthermore, only players who have already played in this team during the tournament may play on the final day.

5. Disqualifications

Disqualifications without a report according to rules 8:5, 8:9 or 16:6d are match penalties and do not lead to a ban.

A disqualification with a report must be reported by the referee to the tournament management immediately after the end of the match. The tournament management decides on the length of the suspension. This can lead to a complete ban from the tournament and can also include the exclusion of the team.

6. Appeals

Appeals against the match schedule, the scoring of the matches and/or decisions by the referees are not permitted. Games will not be reviewed retrospectively with the help of video recordings.

7. Offensive play

The DHB’s “Implementation regulations for a standardised competition structure” do not apply to D- and C-Youth matches!

Time penalties and disqualifications in all age groups are associated with a reduction of the team on the court.

8. Use of adhesives

The use of any kind of adhesive is prohibited in all D and C youth games. If this rule is violated, the cleaning costs will be charged to the offender and the deposit will be forfeited.

In the B- and A-Youth, only the adhesives provided by the tournament organisers, which are made available at the timekeeper’s/secretary’s table, are permitted.

Adhesive deposits on shoes, bandages or other places are prohibited and will result in the immediate and complete tournament ban of the player concerned. In addition, any cleaning costs incurred as a result of this or the use of adhesive products other than those provided will be charged to the responsible party and the deposit will be forfeited.

The referees are expressly authorised by the tournament organisers to enforce the regulations on the use of adhesives. Their instructions in this regard – as well as those of the tournament management and the timekeepers – must be followed without restriction. The tournament management is represented in the halls by the hall coordinators.

9. Additional powers of the tournament management

The tournament management can issue further regulations in individual cases if this is necessary for the organisation of orderly match operations after weighing up all the interests of those involved.

10. Data protection

The registration of a club with its teams and players for the Kempa Ulzburg Cup involves the collection of personal data. The data is collected via the homepage This site is hosted by Efkon AB, owner Ulf Andersson, Valborgsgatan 57, 21613 Limhamm, Sweden. The following data is collected and stored:

1) Name of the organisation with address

2) Contact person with address, e-mail address and telephone number

3) Age group of the team and male/female

4) First and last name of the player or coach, date of birth, jersey number, player passport number, special meal requests

The data for 3.) and 4.) will only be used for the organisation of the tournament and will be deleted after the tournament. The data for 1.) and 2.) will be stored permanently for the purpose of contacting you again or for queries.

In addition, data will be stored for accounting purposes and kept for the duration of the statutory retention period.

By registering, the registering club assures that it has the consent to enter the personal data of contact persons, coaches and players. By entering this data, the club agrees to the storage and use of the data for the organisation of the tournament as described above.

All matches of the tournament will be filmed and broadcast live by the external service provider Solidsport ( In addition, daily summaries of the matches will be created and shared via YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. By registering and participating in the tournament, the clubs and their team managers declare that all participants and, in the case of participants who are not of legal age, their legal guardians have been informed and agree to this.

Fair rules! Join in!