Tournament Rules

Matches are played according to the rules of the International Handball Federation, dated 1st July 2010, with the following additions/hints (dated 9th May 2022):

1. Match time and ranking in the group phase

The match time is 2 x 15 minutes. There is no changing of the sides in the half time, only the first throw is done by the other team. There is a half time break of 1 minute. Withing the group, the ranking is determined by the following criteria:

1. Points

2. Direct Comparison

3. Difference of Goals

4. Scored Goals

If none of the above-mentioned criteria leads to a decision in the ranking, the teams have to do 7m throws, according to IHF rule 2:2.

If a match of the k.o. phase (placement round) ends in a draw (exception of the finals’ day), teams go directly to 7m throws, according to IHF rule 2:2.

On finals’ day, a draw leads to an extra time of 2 x 3 minutes. If after that there is still no winner, the match will be decided by 7m throws, according to IHF rule 2:2.

We do not have team time outs; there is no time out at 2 minute suspensions and 7m during the match.

2. Time of throw off

Matches have to start at the scheduled time in the scheduled halls. Autonomous changes will lead to the loss of the match for both teams. If a team shows up too late for a match, it will be counted as lost for them.

The tournament administration will decide on whether or not to exclude the team from the rest of the tournament and the deposit will be kept.

3. Throw off and playing ball

The first throw is always done by the team mentioned first in the schedule. They play on the left hand side of the field (timekeepers’ view). On finals’ day the team mentioned first throws first – also in a possible extra time.

The playing ball is provided by the organiser and has to be returned to the timekeepers after the match.

4. Teams

Each team needs to provide the tournament direction with a complete team list of the current team at registration – or before the first match at the latest. The form (attachment 1) is attached or can be downloaded. The team members have to follow the yearly structure of the season 2022/2023. The number of the players’ licenses must be stated in the list. From the quarter finals on, the players’ original licenses must be presented, if so demanded by the directors’ team. Players whose original licenses are not available are no more allowed to take part in the tournament. The tournament directors may control the licenses at random. This control – due to past incidents – may take place at any stage of the tournament, also during the group stage.

Each player is allowed to play in only ONE team of her/his age category.

On finals’ day, only players are allowed to play, who have already played in that team during the tournament. 

5. Disqualification

Disqualification without reports according to IHF rule 8:5, 8:9 or 16:6c are match suspensions and do not lead to any further disqualification.

Any disqualification has to be reported to the tournament administration by the referee immediately after the match. The tournament administration decides on the length of the disqualification. This may also include the player’s complete suspension from the tournament or the exclusion of the whole team.

6. Protest

Protests against the match schedule, the valuation of the matches and/or the decisions of the referees are not permitted.

7. Offensive style of play

For the matches of youth D and C, the rules of the German Handball Federation in order to “equalise competition structures” are NOT implemented!

2 minute suspensions and disqualificaions are linked to a reduction of team players on the pitch in all age categories.

8. Use of adhesives

The use of adhesives of any kind is prohibited during all matches of youths D and C. In case of violation against this rule, the responsible person will be charged the arising cleaning costs and the deposit will be kept.

In youths B and A it is only allowed to use the adhesives provided by the cup, located at the timekeepers’ desk.

Depots of adhesives on shoes, bandages or other parts are prohibited and lead to an immediate complete suspension from the tournament of the player in question. On top of that, cleaning costs will be charged to the person using other adhesives than the one provided. In addition, we will keep the deposit.

The referees have got the right to impose this rule concerning adhesives. Their instruction and those of the timekeepers and officials have to be obeyed. The tournament administration is represented through the arena coordinators in the different sports halls.

9. Additional powers of the cup administration

The cup administration may enact further regulations if this is considered necessary for the orderly course of the matches.

Fair rules! Join in!